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Cookies Policy

We use Cookies on our website, to ensure a proper functioning and to enhance your experience.

A cookie is a small text file that, though not gathering information that identifies the user, store general information on the user within the access device to enable to use web sites more efficiently.

The cookies have specific functions, and may be active while the user is navigating or after the closure of the session, according to their function.

Types of cookies

  • Essential active while the user is navigating, and enabling the user’s identification, are essential to the services available in the website
  • Performance active while the user is navigating, or in a persistent way, to improve the performance of the website by recording the information how the user came to the website
  • Functional active during the session, or in a persistent way, while the user is navigating the website enabling a more efficiently and customised navigation
  • Advertsing active for a limited period of time to record information on the user’s navigation habits in order to match the adverts showed to the needs and expectations of the user

Disabling cookies

All browsers allow the user to accept, refuse or delete cookies, by selecting the appropriate definitions of the browser. Thus, and at any moment, the user may partially or fully, disable cookies used in the Quinta da Olivia website.

For further information please consult the instructions and the manual of the browser.

Please be informed that when disabling cookies, Quinta da Olivia website may not work correctly.